Why Us?

Sieger Technologies is a trading name of Sieger (GB) Limited, a London based independent technology company focusing in the financial technology sector. Founded at the beginning of 2020, The company started with a goal to revolutionize the online forex trading industry by imparting the quality solutions to forex traders or new-age and established forex brokers.

What Make Us Difference ?

Sieger exists to solve the problem of your brokerage business and bringing FX brokers to make a footprint in the online forex trading industry more efficient with affordable cost and profitable. We have created a clearly defined process to help you to grow your brokerage and build a scalable and thriving business.

passion and ambition

Passion and Ambition

Our passion and ambition are to help forex brokers and traders to make a footprint in the online forex trading industry more efficient and affordable without worry about the scalability.

Innovative Approach

Our innovative approach is to accommodate the unique needs of our clients with modern technology, easy-to-use and flexible solution to improve their brokerage business more profitable.

Transparent Solutions

We are committed to continually evolving our products through continued research and development by providing transparent solutions to our clients in financial technology sectors.

Multicultural Executive Team

We are a multicultural team from three continents and countries is a talented individual, extremely passionate about financial technology and allied services of financial service sectors which are blend into one vision and mission. That is why our existence is to help you expand your business in new directions by leveraging cutting-edge technology with more efficient and affordable cost.

Meet Our

Awesome Team


Andreas Andri

Founder CEO, indonesia

Giancarlo Caputi

Founder COO,

Milan Kazarka

Founder CIO, SVK

Martin Gergel

Founder CTO, SVK