Introducing the new revolution of

Algorithmic Trading Platform

Build on the top of BLOCKCHAIN Technology

1FxSoL brings you algorithmic trading into the form of a SaaS platform. Enhance and transform your forex trading strategies! Build and deploy algorithmic trading systems quickly in the way of a 1FxSoL SaaS platform.

Why 1FxSoL Unique

Bringing Forex Algo trading to the cloud backed by blockchain

Blockchain Technology

The uniqueness of the Sieger-1FxSoL-SaaS algorithmic trading platform builds on the top of blockchain technology that directly integrated with the MT5 trading platform.

Intuitive & User-friendly

Our platform is distinguished by ease of use. 1FxSoL user-friendly interface allows trader able to create, manage and monitor their Automated trading strategies and easily switch between robots.

Easy to Access

By downloading 1FxSoL mobile applications on smartphone or tablet, Trader also can control, monitor, and deploy their trading strategies at any time and anywhere with no limits.

We are the smart solution for your brokerage business from the beginning