Why Us?

Quick Delivery

With the help of our highly trained workmanship, extensive inventory of child parts and fully dedicated production lines we are able to offer our customers with a quick and on time delivery.


Each and every part or component is designed, analyzed, and prototyped and tested and validated before being replicated in Mass production. A dedicated quality control department ensures the quality of products.


We are dealers of many of the spares used in our end products, there by cutting down unnecessary costs making our products reliable yet cost effective.


Safety being our top most concern we ensure to make most of our products safer, recyclable and reliable.

Service & Support

All kinds of customer complaints are tracked, responded with utmost interest and are resolved at the earliest ensuring healthy customer relationship. And also we are providing annual maintenance for our karts.

Low cost Maintenance

Our Karts are well engineered such that they doesn’t require frequent maintenance activity. Unlike others we are providing spares at cheaper rates.

Our Strategy A Satisfied CustomerTrust Built With in …!


Sieger Technologies is the brainchild of an astounding team of engineers with the passion for Innovation. Having begun our journey of providing quality products to motor-sport and entertainment services.
             Our efficient R&D and manufacturing techniques, trust in our work, reliability, and productivity has helped us emerge as one of the innovative firms with better quality products and services.


A group of enthusiastic engineers and entrepreneurs willing to work together to make their own impact.

Being based from a city which has more than 4 centuries of historical years and recognised as one of the best places for ease of doing business allows us to connect to our customers more deeply.

  • Hyderabad, Telangana State – INDIA

Please drop us a mail @ info@siegertech.in or Whatsapp at 836 733 5724, our team will get in touch with-in 24 hours. As simple as it is.


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